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The Hebrew University's charter states that the University "will act to maintain its primacy as the most important institution of teaching and research in the State of Israel. Excellence, thoroughness, originality, boldness and academic freedom in expression of opinions will continue to lead it to achievements which will ensure its position in the heart of international science".  


In accordance with this statement, the mission of the faculty and ​staff of the School of Occupational Therapy is to educate, train and maintain competency of occupational therapy practitioners and researchers. Our basic goal is to convey basic and advanced knowledge in occupational therapy and occupational science to our students, while promoting a humanistic approach, fostering a sense of responsibility to the community and the instilling motivation to excel. The school is also dedicated to the creation, transmission and application of knowledge based research to occupational therapy practice, with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life of individuals through improved health.


The school's mission is not only to train occupational therapists in accordance with the changing needs of Israeli society, but, moreover, to educate researchers who will determine the future of the profession through evidence based practice and active involvement in public health policy. The highest goal of the School of Occupational Therapy is to take up these imperative challenges by setting standards of excellence, accepting outstanding students for all our academic programs and introducing advanced teaching and research methods. In this manner, our school is committed to constructing a framework which exemplifies its preeminence as the leading academic school for occupational therapy in the country.