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  • August 2023: Congratulation to Yahel Yedidya on her paper "SARS-CoV-2 infection perturbs enhancer mediated transcriptional regulation of key pathways" published in PLOS Computational Biology!

  • April 2023: Congratulation to Yotam Drier for recieiving the Krill prize for excellence in scientific research!
  • February 2023: Congratulation to Ameen Haj-yahia for recieiving the best poster/flash talk award at the 10th ILANIT Conference!
  • November 2022: Congratulation to Avishai Wizel on his paper "Single-cell RNA sequencing identifies a paracrine interaction that may drive oncogenic notch signaling in human adenoid cystic carcinoma" published in Cell Reports!
  • ​June 2022: Congratulation to Dana Rimini for winning the Heinrich Heine award for excellent research thesis!
  • October 2021: Congratulation to Ameen Haj-yahia, Nisiel Arbel and Racheli Greenberg for receiving the Faculty of Medicine M.Sc. Excellence scholarships!
  • March 2021: Congratulations to Mercedes Bentata for receiving the Klausner Scholarship!
  • January 2021: Congratulations to Mercedes Bentata for winning the TEVA BioInnovators Fellowship!