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Research at the School of Occupational Therapy addresses a wide range of diverse topics related to the daily functioning of individuals with various disabilities, as well as that of healthy populations. Our research focuses on the development of evaluation tools and various types of intervention as well as on increasing our understanding of assorted disabilities and their underlying mechanisms.
Many of our research initiatives are clinical, and are carried out in treatment and rehabilitation centers as well as in the natural surroundings in which people live and function. Basic research, incorporating a range of specialized equipment (such as fMRI, fEEG, PET and Virtual Reality technology) and conducted in on-campus laboratories, comprises the remainder of the research carried out at the school.
The types of research questions addressed in occupational science often require an interdisciplinary approach. As a result, much of the research at the school is performed in collaboration with researchers from a wide range of complementary fields, such as medicine, neuroscience, psychology, neuropsychology and computer science. Our research is conducted within the framework of four research laboratories, which are coordinated by faculty members.