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The Lifespan Cognition Laboratory

​Research Team

​​Dr​​​​. Ha​git M​agen

M.A. students:
Anat Mandelbaum
Gal Shabtai
Hala Shamma
Inbar Mizrahi
Nadeen Kassim
Neta Hai-Ezra
Noa Cohen
Noa Woolf
Reema Sayedahmad
Tamar Koor


The Cognitive Research Lab is involved in the investigation of attention and memory processes across the lifespan, in healthy individuals and those with attentional disorders. Research in the lab utilizes behavioral and neural measures. In addition to basic research, we are working on developing ecological assessments of cognitive functions and computerized cognitive interventions.


Main Research Projects

  • Dual task processing in laboratory and ecological settings in young individuals with and without ADHD.
  • Short-term memory in young and older adults.
  • Learning and usage of strategies to enhance long-term memory across the life-span.
  • Response selection and conflict resolution processes.