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The Participation, Occupation and Mental Health Lab

​Research Team

Participation in meaningful activities and occupations according to personal values and choices is one of the central components of health and well-being. One of the most vulnerable populations for restrictions in participation in daily life activities and occupations is people with mental health conditions.
With the ultimate goal to enable full occupational participation and community integration of people with mental health conditions, contributing to their health and well-being, our lab works toward 3 major objectives:
  1. Investigate unique patterns of participation and occupational balance in various mental health condition;
  2. Reveal factors underlying participation in daily-life meaningful occupations of people with mental health condition;
  3. Promote practices (assessment tools and interventions) encouraging participation and health in these conditions.
Our research is inspired by clinical work with people with mental health conditions and we highly committed to knowledge translation processes. We use a range of research approaches and tools in our work, including innovative technologies and methods in EEG, eye-tracing, Virtual Reality and mobile platforms working collaboratively with many disciplines.

Our projects

Our lab projects include investigation andcultural adaptation of the following tools:


Profiles of Occupational Engagement of People with Serious Mental Illness (POES) (Bejerholm & Ukland, 2006), Hebrew version Official translation
Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills (KELS)- 4th Edition (Kohlman-Tompson et al, 2016), Hebrew version  Official website
UCSD Performance-Based Skills Assessment (Harvey et al., 2007), Hebrew version Official website
Performance Assessment of Self Care Skills (Rogers & Holm, 2016), Hebrew version Read more


Occupational Connections (Lipskaya-Velikovsky et al., 2020) Read more
Action Over Inertia (Krupa et al., 2010; 2021), Hebrew version Read more, Official website
CogSMART (Twamley et al., 2010), Hebrew version Official website
In addition, we use the following technologies for investigation and promotion of participation in meaningful daily life occupations: EEG markers, such as  Brain Engagement Index, eye-tracking, and VR.