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​Ph.D. Studies – Direct track

​Program Highlights

​Outstanding students may submit a request to join the direct track towards a Ph.D. degree after successfully passing a screening examination, the purpose of which is to verify the ability and preparedness of students for doctoral degree studies, without submitting a Master's thesis.

Conditions for applying for the screening examination

  • GPA in undergraduate studies of 85 and above
  • Completion of Master’s degree courses with a GPA of at least 90 (within a period of up to two years from the beginning of the Master’s program).
Students must have experience in research within the framework of their Master’s studies and have in-depth knowledge in their field.
Students who wish to transfer to the direct Ph.D. and meet the above conditions must submit a written request to the Students office together with:
  • Transcripts
  • Abstract of their research (max 2 pages)
  • Letter of recommendation from their mentor.
The teaching division officials will evaluate the student’s request. If approved, the student can pursue towards taking the screening examination.

Composition of the examination committee

The head of the teaching division/track appoints a group of three examiners, one of whom serves as head of the examination committee. The student’s mentor is not an examiner and is not present at the examination. The two other appointed examiners (who do not serve as head of the examination committee) give the student (ahead of time) 1-3 articles to present at the examination. (In addition, a topic or question can be given) The examination includes all the articles and topics the student received.
The student together with the examiners will coordinate the time and date of the examination.

Role of the head of the examination committee

The head of the examination committee is responsible for creating a relaxed atmosphere and proper orientation of the discussion, and for the active participation of all the examiners in the discussion.

Structure of the examination

The duration of the examination is approximately one hour (can be extended).
In the first part of the examination (approx. 15-20 minutes), the student presents (PPT presentation) the research project/s that he/she has carried out or participated in during their MSc. In the second part of the examination, the student is tested on the knowledge and understanding of the articles (figures of the articles can be presented in PPT format at the examination).


The examination is graded only as: qualified or not qualified.
If the students passes the exam, the students office will finalize the transition and the student will be instructed to register to PhD studies in the direct track.
If the student fails to pass the exam, he/she shall return to finalize their MSc studies by writing and submitting the thesis towards the MSc degree.
Once registered in the PhD direct track and after transitioning successfully to Stage B, the student is eligible to receive his/her M.Sc degree in the direct track.