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The ​Computerized Neuro-Therapy Lab

​Research Team

Post-Doctorant students
Orly Mazar Shimony
Doctorant students

Ornella Dakwar-Kawar

Noam Roth

Mayyan Cohen​

Masters Students

Anat Afek

Neta Amir

Rina Ben Avraham

Noam Einav

Tal Mentch Lifshits

Talia Morali

Chen Yahav

Sabina Mickel​


Lina Azaizeh

Research Assistants

​Romi Goldfus

Noa Ariely

Goals of the lab

The goal of the Computerized Neuro-Therapy Laboratory is to develop and investigate new therapy approaches leading the path for a variety of clinical populations focused on mental health. The tools that are developed in the lab are based on principles of brain plasticity that aim to fix brain disorders for different clinical conditions. Further aims are to understand factors that enable and assist learning and understand personal differences as a base for learning

Main Research Projects

Understanding and improving the social cognitive abilities in clinical populations such as schizophrenia, and social anxiety.
Use of leading follow-up tools for ecological assessment of cognitive and physical symptoms associated with mental illness such as depression, anxiety. Bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia.
Computer training for cognitive control and functional management in terms of mental illness..
Use of virtual reality and video games for improving cognitive skills.