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Sharing European Educational Experience in Public Health for Israel

​"Sharing European Educational Experience in Public Health for Israel" (SEEEPHI) is a Capacity Building in Higher Education project funded through ERASMUS+, which transfers knowledge and best practices from European Union institutions of higher education to countries and institutions outside the EU. To meet the increasingly complex public health challenges as well as the needs and expectations of potential employers, the public health workforce must be appropriately trained with problem-solving and leadership skills. By engaging with European partners to exchange lessons-learned in education and training of the public health workforce, this project will promote university-enterprise cooperation, inter-sectoral partnerships and advocacy of evidence-based public health legislation and policies.
Through this collaboration, the competencies, skills, and know-how of the public health workforce in Israel and in partner countries will be better aligned to meet the complex and dynamic public health challenges that they, their employers, and the community will face across the span of their careers. The aim of the SEEEPHI project is, therefore, to enhance the public health workforce in Israel and promote engagement with employers and the community through harmonization, employability, leadership and outreach. The project brings together partners from Israel [Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Braun School of Public Health, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, University of Haifa, Ashkelon Academic College and the Israeli Association of Public Health Physicians] and Europe [ASPHER, Maastricht University (Netherlands), University College Cork (Ireland), Jagiellonian University (Poland) and the Swedish Red Cross University College (Sweden)].
Leading the SEEEPHI project for the Hebrew University-Braun School of Public Health are Prof. Yehuda Neumark and Dr. Maureen Malowany. The SEEEPHI project began in January 2021 and will run for three-years. Details of the project can be found here. For information about the role of Hebrew University, please contact Yehuda Neumark