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 IMPH Alumni

In light of the continuous evolution of the public health field and to meet the challenges of health for all in the 21st century, a well-trained health and motivated workforce that is oriented to meet the needs of the communities is essential for local and national health systems to function properly. Public health practitioners must also assume a role in narrowing health disparities between and among nations, communities, and neighborhoods.
The International MPH Program takes great pride in the more than 1000 physicians, nurses, health economists, pharmacists, social scientists and others, from 102​ countries in developing and transition regions as well as developed countries of North America and Western Europe, who have graduated the program since it began in 1970. Our Alumni can be found in leading academic and clinical institutions, and governmental and non-governmental agencies.
Similarly, from the early 1960s onwards, our Israeli Master of Public Health Program, with over 1,000 graduates, has had a major impact on the training and function of public health and health care professionals within Israel, including the majority of the senior public health personnel of the country who hold our MPH degree.
The Braun School endeavors to build and strengthen professional and personal connections between alumni and between alumni and the School. By capitalizing on these potential connections, alumni are able to forge relationships that could open up career opportunities and contacts with like-minded professionals, as well as forming new friendships and building invaluable social networks.
We invite you to participate in the recruitment of suitable candidates for our various master-level programs – Master of Public Health (MPH, in English and in Hebrew), Master of Health Administration (MHA, Hebrew), and Master of Clinical Epidemiology (Hebrew).
We congratulate our Alumni and encourage you all to keep in touch with us as you progress in your careers, and to maintain your connection to Israel.
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Remember that life at HebrewU does not end when you graduate; it continues, grows and thrives.