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Why Choose the IMPH?

  • The program promotes excellence in international public health practice, research, and teaching in a broad range of topics.
  • In recognition of our ongoing public health training efforts in Israel and abroad, the World Health Organization designated the School (2007-2014) as a Collaborating Centre for Capacity Building in Public Health.
  • The IMPH Program provides tools for examining public health challenges and formulating relevant intervention strategies at the community and national level.
  • The emphasis throughout is on active learning by the student, individually and in groups.
  • Together with the academic requirements, the program is tailored to the student's needs and interests.
  • Our teachers are deeply involved, caring and maintain open communication with their students.
  • Small group tutorial classes are provided for students requiring additional assistance in some core courses.
  • The IMPH Program offers a wide range of social and cultural activities that serve to bond and integrate our students and introduce them to the historical yet modern host country of Israel.
​Upon successful completion of the program, you will have the tools to:
  • Initiate and participate in the promotion and development of public health practices in your own country on a community, national, or regional level.
  • Use epidemiological tools in research and in health system planning, delivery, and evaluation.
  • Develop capacity-building programs responsible for training public health personnel in your country.
  • Practical experience in the application of these principles in the COPC workshop.
  • Practical experience in planning and carrying out a research project.
  • A rewarding and stimulating experience of studying in a foreign country and of meeting and working with people from different professional and cultural backgrounds and joining a global network of hundreds of public health professionals who have graduated the program.
students at the ein kerem campus
near wall of old city
trip to Masada