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​Requirements for Admission

​To be eligible for the IMPH Program you must hold an academic degree (BA/BSc, MA/MSc, MD) in medicine, dentistry, nursing, another allied health field, or in one of the basic biological or social sciences relevant to health from a recognized university. Diploma/Advanced Diploma degrees are not recognized as academic degrees by Hebrew University.
​Applicants who hold only a bachelor’s degree must have obtained an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 80% in their undergraduate studies.
​Practical experience in public health is taken into account as well as academic achievement.

What we will try to provide you with:

  • The fundamental principles of public health and community medicine through our curriculum in epidemiology, research methods, statistics, health administration and other core and elective courses. Courses are taught by faculty members with vast international experience, bringing a high level of expertise to the training program.
  • Practical experience in the application of these principles in the COPC workshop
  • Practical experience in planning and carrying out a research project
  • A rewarding and stimulating experience of studying in a foreign country and of meeting and working with people from different professional and cultural backgrounds and joining a global network of hundreds of public health professionals who have graduated the program

What we expect from you, or more accurately, what you should expect from yourself:

  • A realistic assessment of your knowledge of English so that you are not handicapped by an inability to read material, write papers or participate fully and freely in class. We do not offer an English language course. Without a very strong command of English you will not fully benefit from the course and you might be unable to successfully complete the requirements of the course.
  • A clear understanding of why you want the degree and how you plan to use it, and a firm intention to continue to work in the field of public health in your own country.
For any further questions please contact us.
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