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"Jerusalem: The city which miraculously transforms man into pilgrim; no one can enter it and go away unchanged"
Nobel Prize Laureate Elie Weisel
Israel is known to be a welcoming society and along with providing you with public health knowledge and skills, we will be happy to show you many of the treasures of Israel and its ancient, yet modern, capital city of Jerusalem. The IMPH Program offers a wide range of social and cultural activities that serve to bond and integrate the students and introduce them to Israel.
Surrounded by terraced slopes and pine-forested hills in the southwest corner of Jerusalem, our campus lies next to the quiet, picturesque village of Ein Kerem. Students can wander along flower-lined paths, interspersed with vines and olive trees, and watch artists at work. Quaint shops, restaurants and galleries dot the landscape. On campus, one of the first sights to greet newcomers is the magnificent set of stained-glass windows created by Marc Chagall.
Professional site-visits, social outings, cultural events, and lectures on current affairs and the history of the region take place throughout the year. Students join in the celebration of local religious festivals. Informal home visits facilitate contact with faculty members and other Israelis.


Comfortable on-campus dormitory facilities are provided for scholarship students and can be rented by non-scholarship students based on availability. Apartments can also be rented in proximity of the campus. No pets are allowed, and we do not provide couple housing.

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