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 Prof. Lelkes Peter – Fellow, American Institute for Medical & Biological Engineering Laura H. Carnell Professor and Chair , Dept. Bioengineering, Director, Temple Institute for Regenerative Medical and Engineering (TIME), Temple University,  Philadelphia, USA. (Collaboration on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine).

Prof. Marcinkiewicz Cezary - Department of Biology, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.  (Collaboration on Snake Venom Disintegrins).

Dr. Levy Andrea - Institute of Neurobiology, Rome, Italy. (Collaboration on pharmacology of NGF and other neuropeptides).

Prof. Bernardini Renato - Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Catania, Sicily, Italy. (Collaboration on NGF- induced angiogenesis, Alzheimer's and neuroprotection).

Prof. Johannes A. Eble – Institute of Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry.Faculty of Medicine, University of Münster, Germany. (Collaboration on snake venom antagonists of integrins).

Prof. WenHua Zheng, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau, Taipa, Macau, China. (Collaboration on neuropharmacology and therapy of traditional Chinese medicines).