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2014                     Gadi Cohen. Near infrared imaging of colorectal carcinoma tumors using epidermal growth factor receptor and carcino -embryonic antigen biomarkers

2015                     Orit Amsalem (Profs. E. Yavin and S. Benita co-supervisors). Design and evaluation of innovative efficient targeted nano delivery systems of synthetic siRNA for improved cancer therapy.

2017                    Galit Gincberg ( Prof. Esty Shohami co-supervisor). Human cord blood CD45+ cells confer neurotherapy upon intravenous xenotransplantation in mice with traumatic brain injury.

2017                     Adi Lahiani (Prof. E.Yavin, Weizmann Institute of Science co-supervisor). Neuroprotective mechanisms of AD3 antioxidant and human placental mesenchymal stromal stem cells (PLX) on pheochromocytoma PC12 cells exposed to ischemia.

2017                     Majdi Saleem Naamneh (Prof. Y.Katzhendler co-supervisor).The effect of combined organocatalysts-initiators on ring opening polymerization (ROP) of O-carboxyanhydrides (OCA).

2018                     Haba Natasha.(Prof. E Toitou co-supervisor).New brain drug delivery systems. Nasal delivery of peptides and hydrophilic molecules to brain by vesicular carriers.