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Research Facility

-ISO class 7 clean room equipped with class 2 B2 Nuaire chemical hood, biological hood and 2 incubators,2  liquid nitrogen tanks, Refrigerator, Nikon microscope , Eppendorf centrifuge, sterile disposable equipment and appropriate furniture

-Tecan SPECTRAFluor Plus  spectrofluorometer

-Amersham Biosciences FPLC digital chromatography system

-Biorad electrophoretic systems for separation and analysis of proteins and nucleic acids

-Eppendorf  Mastercycler gradient –PCR instrument and centrifuges,

-Equipment for radioactive research

-Odyssey near infrared imager with adaptor for mice imaging

-Primary and genetically engineered human and rodent derived cells

-Pharmacologically validated in vitro ischemic device and protocols mimicking stroke and other ischemic disorders

- -20 and -80 refrigerators