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Current Research

Through a combination of cellular, molecular and pharmacological strategic technologies our laboratory is accelerating drug discovery and optimization towards licensing, in the following specific research topics:

1. Investigations of human umbilical cord blood hematopoietic progenitors for cell therapy of traumatic brain injury and stroke;
2. Characterization of novel angiogenic functions of nerve growth factor (NGF) and drug development for glioblastoma tumors based on NGF receptors;
3. Screening and characterization of novel neuroprotectants using ischemia-reperfusion-injury in vitro neuronal models;
4. Isolation and characterization of toxins as lead compounds, selectively targeting integrins and ion channels;
5. Development of novel neurotrophic, neurotropic and nootropic drugs;
6. Immunological and proteomic characterization of Vipera palestinae snake venom and neutralizing antivenin;