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Invited Lectures and Posters at Conferences (2014-2019)

2014-American Societ for Neuroscience.Washington.DC.USA

  • Hadar Arien-Zakay, Galit Gincberg, Arnon Nagler, Gadi Cohen, Sigal Liraz-Zaltsman, Victoria Trembovler, Alexander G Alexandrovich, Peter I. Lelkes, Esther Shohami, Philip Lazarovici. Neurotherapeutic effect in mice after traumatic brain injury by CD45+ hematopoietic cells from human cord blood.

2015- 4th TERMIS (Tissue Engineering) World Congress. Boston, Massachusetts, USA

  • Seda Karamil, Philip Lazarovici, Caroline Fink, Peter I Lelkes. Soft Tissue Stiffness Range Influences Early Commitment of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Towards Endodermal Lineage TISSUE ENGINEERING PART A Volume 21, Pages S281-S281. 2015


2015-Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting, Tampa, Florida ,USA.

  • Stabler, CT., Caires,L., Mondrinos M., Marcinkiewicz, C., Lazarovici P. and Lelkes, PI. Anatomycal reendothelialization and cell adhesion molecule expression whitin decellularized rodent lungs. 


2015-25th Meeting of the International Society for Neurochemistry, Cairns ,Australia.

  • Yavin, E., Lahiani, A., Zahavi, E., Netzer, N., Ofir, R., Pinzur, L., Raveh, S., Arien-Zakay, H., and Philip Lazarovici. Human placenta stem cells secrete IL-6 and VEGF and prevent death in PC12 cells after glucose-and oxygen deprivation. JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY .Volume 134: Page 298. 2015


2015-The 24th Annual Meeting of The Israel Society for Neuroscience (ISFN), Eilat, Israel.

  • Lazarovici, P., Walsh, E., Lecht S., Jakubowski, P., Ciaverelli R., Weaver, M., Ettinger K., Gincberg G., Priel A., Braiman A., Lelkes PI., and Marcinkiewicz C. Reconstitution and involvement of NGF receptors complex of p75NTR and alpha9beta1 integrin in adhesion, proliferation and migration of glioma cells.
  • Lahiani, A., Zahavi E., Netzer N., Ofir R., Raveh S., Arien-Zakay H., Yavin E., and Lazarovici P. Human placental expaned (PLX) mesenchymal cell confer neuroprotection to Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) differentiated PC12 cells exposed to ischemia by secretion of IL-6 and VEGF.
  • Gincberg, G., Arien-Zakay H., Nagler A., Cohen G., Liraz-Zaltsman S., Trembovler V., Alexandrovich A., Elchalal U., Lazarovici P., and Shohami E. Human umbilical cord blood derived CD45+ hematopoietic cells protect mice brain after closed head injury.


2015- 7th International Conference on Tumor Microenvironment: Progression, Therapy and Prevention, Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • Lazarovici P., Momic T., Katzhendler J.,Benny O., Noy E., Senderowitz H., Eble J. and Marcinkiewicz  C. Vimocin and vidapin,cyclic KTS peptides are dual, partial antagonists of α1β1/α2β1 integrins with antiangiogenic activity.


2016- 10th FENS Forum of Neuroscience, Copenhagen,Denmark.

  • Lazarovici P  , Lahiani, A, Zahavi E., Netzer N., Ofir R., Pinzur L., Raveh S., Arien-Zakay H. and Yavin E. Mesenchymal cells (PLX) confer neuroprotection to PC12 cells exposed to ischemia.


2016- 1st International Rita Levi-Montalcini's Scientific meeting-Nerve Growth Factor:Neuroscience and Therapy, Bologna,Italy.

  • Lazarovici P.Cross talk between neurotrophin receptors p75NTR and a9b1 integrin in glioma angiogenesis and invasiveness.


2016-Annual International Conference on Pharma-Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences,Singapore.

  • Lazarovici P.Screening and characterization of a potent bifunctional neuroprotective drug composed of nitric oxide donor and alpha-lipoic acid.


PCS cell science and stem cell conference:Pathway from basic science to industrialization,Barcelona,Spain.

  • Lazarovici P.The therapeutic effect of CD45 cord blood stem cells in traumatic brain injury.


2016-The 25th Annual Meeting of The Israel Society for Neuroscience (ISFN), Eilat, Israel.

  • Gincberg,G,Elchalal,U,Nagler,A,Shohami E and Lazarovici P.Characterization of NGF receptors expression by FACS in human umbilical cord blood mononuclear fraction and derived pan- and non-hematopoietic populations.
  • Lahiani A,Hidmi A,Katzhendler J,Yavin E and Lazarovici P.Novel synthetic PEGylated conjugate of alpha lipoic acid and Tempol reduces cell death in a neuronal PC12 clonal line subjected to ischemia.


2017- The 3rd European Stroke Organisation Conference , Prague, Czech Republic.

  • Lazarovici P. Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide (PACAP) confers neuroprotection in preclinical stroke models


2017-The 42nd Congress of The Federation of the European Biochemical Societies (FEBS), From molecules to Cells and Back, Jerusalem, Israel.

  • Zheng W. and Lazarovici P. Artemisinin conferred ERK-mediated neuroprotection to PC12 cells and cortical neurons exposed to sodium nitroprusside-induced oxidative insult.


2017-24th Polish Peptide Symposium of the European Peptide Society Annual Meeting, Władysławowo,Poland.

  • Gitlin-Domagalska A.,Schumacher A.,Lazarovici P.,Hoffman A. and Gilon C.Synthesis and neuroprotective activity of the peptide HUJInin.


2017-PCS 4th Annual Global Cancer Conference:Bridging Basic Research and Clinical Practice,Lisbon,Portugal.

  • Lazarovici P.Near Infrared optical imagingof colorectal tumorsusing epidermal growth factor receptor as a biomarker.


2017-FoReCaST 1st workshop on The Tumor Microenvironment, Porto, Portugal.

  • Lazarovici P.Discovery of disintegrin-based synthetic cyclic KTS peptides as novel dual antagonists of alpha1/beta1 and alpha2beta1integrins with antiangiogenic activity using a 3D Matrigel assay.


2017-The 26th Annual Meeting of The Israel Society for Neuroscience (ISFN), Eilat, Israel.

  • Lazarovici P.NGF promotes hemodynamic recovery in a rabbit hindlimb ischemic model through trkA and VEGF receptors.


2018-International conference on neurotrophic factors, Salamanca,Spain.

  • Lazarovici P.NGF plays an important role in human umbilical cord blood CD45 pan hematopoietic progenitors-induced neurotherapyin a traumatic brain injury mice model.
  • Lazarovici P et al.Association of p75NTR and alpha8beta1 integrin modulates NGF-dependent cellular responses.


2019-The 27th Annual Meeting of The Israel Society for Neuroscience (ISFN), Eilat, Israel.

  • Lazarovici P. Nerve growth factor plays a role in the therapeutic effect of cord blood CD45 expressing stem cells in traumatic brain injury model.


2019-Annual Meeting of the Israel Society For Physiology and Pharmacology, Jerusalem, Israel.

  • Lazarovici P. Vimocin and Vidapin, cyclic KTS peptides, are dual, partial antagonists of α1β1/α2β1 integrins with antiangiogenic activity.